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“All behaviour is a communication; we can work together to understand what your child is trying to say."  

Parenting is a full-time occupation and can feel relentless, leaving little time to reflect on how to respond to its challenges. 
Parent coaching gives a space to take some of the pressure off and look afresh. I work collaboratively with you to draw on your values to develop your own parenting approach.

A key part of this is helping you to help your children learn to trust their feelings, regulate their own emotions and solve problems. 

Milly Ayliffe

My initial training was as a lawyer, but I left because I wanted to spend more time with my children. 

I then started working at Childline and from there decided to train as a child therapist. 


A parent myself, I know there's nothing worse than watching your child suffer and so our default response is often to go into fixing mode - when more often than not what our child needs is to just to be listened to.  Bearing witness to their experience enables them to process it and

move on.  

As a parent coach, my interest is to understand what is important to you and support you to find ways to listen and better support your child.


What clients say

Sarah & Alexander

We went to Milly for advice on general parenting for our family (6,4 and 1).  She prompted really good and interesting conversations between us parents and also gave helpful and practical advice – as well as affirmation in some cases! – which we still fall back on regularly.


Milly has been a tremendous help to us. She offered different models of approaching challenging subjects using empathy and compassion while keeping the boundaries.

These sessions have considerably improved our understanding of teenage psychology and our parenting role.


I am a separated father with 10 year old twins. I found Milly’s advice very helpful in terms of managing difficult moments and behaviour. She also provided great support around co-parenting

Monika Dervish

I’m a therapist working with children and young people and have referred a number of parents of the children I work with to Milly to help them better support their children.  Both parents and children have been hugely positive about how this helped them. 

I see Milly's work as invaluable to the emotional growth and development of the child and family and a holistic complement to mental  well- being, both day to day and long term.


My husband and I feel very fortunate to have found Milly as our parent coach. She is very much a child-centric and gentle type of coach who has put many of our worries into perspective.

Her words are reassuring and have helped us to be kinder

parents to our daughter. 


You absolutely don't need to read anything to work with me, but if you are looking for books on parenting, here are a few that I think are very helpful.  

Tanith Carey: What's my teenager thinking?

Margot Sunderland: What Every Parent Needs to Know

Kate Silverton: There’s No Such Thing As Naughty

Philippa Perry: The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read

Melissa Hood: Real Parenting for Real Kids

plus helpful advice is available at:

Get in touch

Thanks for your interest - I'll be back to you very soon.

Artwork: Alex Ayliffe

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